Friday, 31 August 2012

New Rolo Tomassi Album

Remember Remember The 5th of November!

Lightning Love

Piano indie poppers from Michigan, Lightning Love release their new album "blonde album" this week and it makes me want to put on my shorts and run to the nearest beach for some beers and a BBQ. Anyone wanna come? We can all do the Frug, maybe even the robocop, I cannot do the smurf. Check out their bandcamp.


Crazy Cali Punks Deerhoof are back! Full album streaming below, in my opinion a explosive return to form after the disappointing Deerhoof vs evil. Out September 4th!

Grizzly Bear "Shields"

Grizzly Bear release their new album on September 17th and it couldn't come soon enough as "Yet Again" is probably one of the most exciting songs the band has released since it's kharma clearing debut.

Young Fresh Fellows

Seattle legends Young Fresh Fellows are back this week with full-length "Tiempo de lujo" which despite being around for over 30 years, more than lives up to the name!


Oh Baby new EP from No Cow aka Russian producer Alexey Nikitin... Russian bass music or "future garage" (my preferred term), blissed...


Julianna Barwick released one of the finest ambient pop record's of last year with "The Magic Place" so this collaboration with Helado Negro was always going to be nothing short of special, like a heavenly choir from a parallel universe.

Two Gallants- The Bloom and The Blight

It's hard to believe that it's been five years without a new record from Two Gallants, already being dismissed by new age black keys fans who think they are a rip-off without realizing that The Bloom and The Blight will be the duo's fourth album. Sometime in 2004 when Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel featured on many mixtapes I made for former and failed conquests back when itunes was barely more than a twinkle in the apple's eye. So it goes without saying I'm emotionally attached to these two. Their new album out on Monday has an explosive beginning and hopefully they wont wait five years to release the next one.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Little Bit in Love with Amber Papini


Praise Angela Correa and her lungs, Los Angeles Finest releases Pleiades this week, warm echoy understated pop, check out stand out track "Further"


Teen's debut album "In Limbo" out of this week is a heady rival for album of the week, based in Brooklyn (aren't they all) featuring Teeny former member of Here We Go Magic. Hyptonizing punked up pop with girl gang vocals which somehow managing to mix 60's girl group, menacing electro/kraut sensiblities with a modern day sound. Carpark you always get it right...

Divine Fits

With a line-up that boasts members of Spoon, Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs and New Bomb Tucks, it's no suprise that the debut album from Divine Fits (" A Thing called Divine Fits) released on the Mighty MERGE Records is a thing of complete calculated beauty.


Houndmouth reside from the lowland plains and farmlands and it shows up in their self titled EP, atmospheric indie folk about to tour the states with our very own Dry The River, see them playing a version of stand out track Krampus below.

Wild Nothing

New Wild Nothing album is out the week and sees Jack Tatum and co return with a bigger sound and bolder intentions. Check Out the Dreamy Shadow below. Album of The Week for sure.

The North

STARS STARS STARS STARS STARS STARS, Less than one week to go before "my favourite Canadian band" release their new album "The North"

Mother Mother- Let's Fall in Love

I get a bit of stick for my love of Canada, but I'm a east coaster, so posted about two Vancouver bands in a week is a rarity you should not get used to. Also, when Canadian artists kick the shit out of most other countries, it's only fair to shine the spotlight. Today BC's Mother Mother, who released one of the most effectious records of the last year with the underrated gem "Oleander" from the album Eureka. "Let's Fall in Love" is a play on the classic original and has gone on to shock and offend christians with it's playful lyrics about the sacred canon and it's brutally violent video which forcefully converses it's subject matter. The new album "The Sticks" is out in North America on Sep 18th Check it out:


Chan Marshall has had her problems but she is also has an incredibly loyal and vocal fanbase. I always forget that I am amongst them until she releases something new. Cat Power's first new material in six years "Sun" is released September 3rd/4th and is a stunning return to form. Check out the lead track "Ruin" below:

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Alpine's debut album "A is for Alpine" has literally taken a year to get some sort of released in the UK which is a shame given how effortlessly catchy all their songs have been so far... Australian Dreamy electro pop goodness that will make you want to make out with yourself in a heartbeat... see below...


Music is meant to be loud, we all know it... this Bloomington, IN duo, brothers even Bryan and Douglass Enas know how to turn it until blows, they make a lot of noise for a two piece (as you should...) and recall with a freshness the likes of Jesus and Mary Chain et al but are very much grounded in the now.


PARTY PARTY PARTY! Fidlar opened up my Reading festival, because I missed Future of The Left thanks to over zealous security guards checking out my underwear for Drugs. Party boi! Luckily for me I'd spent months listening to S/T EP and was ready to bop like a rag doll. They released their new EP "Don't Try" to coincide with their visit to the UK and this jam (and entertaining video) "No Waves" is fall down drunk fun.

White Lung

Nothing gets me more excited than Canada or punk girls, so White Lung are the band I've been searching my whole life for right? Energetic kick you in the stomach punk rock that has been lacking since the first Pretty girls make graves EP. They've toured with Ceremony, The Men & Cloud Nothings... but something tells me they are probably better live than all the three combined. Their 2nd album "Sorry" came out in May, check this out: