Monday, 29 March 2010

Mission Statement

Good Morning!

Fixin' The Charts will expose good, great, excellent, outstanding and most importantly awful music for your listening pleasure on a daily basis from attending shows, listening to albums and digging around in bargain bins, clearing cobwebs that even the how clean is your house team would shy away from.

The genre does not matter, what matters is the quality (or lack of...) the artists I encounter.
I will also strive to give you an insight on a huge selection of the albums released week after week, cleverly listening to the ends of albums where the only stand out tracks are pushed to the beginning to fool listening post ears that the album is 12 quality tracks and not in fact three singles and a lot of songs which sound silmilar but in reality just half-arsed versions of said singles (see Ellie Goulding and/or Marina & The Diamonds for a couple of popular examples)

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