Wednesday, 20 October 2010

FTC DISCOVERY ROUND-UPS 2 (Blackberry Edition)

It's done to such a bad effect so often that when you find someone doing it with some degree of accuracy and in the case of Quilty to an excellent degree, it's so refreshing. Quilty is from Brooklyn, New York and captures the real alternative rock of the late 80s, emboding the sort of Kim Deal freshens that she herself hasn't had since Last Splash, to create some fragile epic alt rock pop songs that haven't been heard for decades. This is cool shit guaranteed to make Best Coasty's (and I can say this) and fans of the aforementioned piss themselves with excitement. Solid Hooks, swirling Feedback up to 11, sardonically gentle vocals, they dont make bands like this anymore.

Sleepy Vikings 
My biggest regret is not seeing these guys in person, chilled beach rock and roll with an agressive edge, strong vocals my other regret is listening to their EP this morning and now I can't get their fucking songs out of my head and they have all by all accounts one of the most alluring frontwomen in music right now. Check these guys out, nobody is doing something this dark, poppy and sinister right now.

Ma. Mentor 
Ma Mentor hark back to what was daring about British Music pre-Brit Pop with a bit of swagger and bassy edge, almost like if The Big Pink were actually as good as their singles suggested they could be. 

Red City Radio Heavy Hearted Punk Rock from Oklahoma, with some great authentic fist in the air moments, a welcome change in a world filled with fake punk bands in a world devoid of heart and filled with problems. Loud, Rowdy, Real American punk rock for fans of Hot Water Music et al.

Ill Ease
Female Fronted Indie Pop from New York with a sorta deelite wrestling with Sky Larkin quality, find that hard to imagine...

Body Language 
Another New York Band that sit comfortably on a record collection with Phoenix, Caribou & Dirty Projectors, Upbeat experimental instrumentals and vocals, almost if ice cream men formed Hot Chip.

Me You Us Them 
More Brooklynites Indie Rock with soaring vocals, off-kilter guitar lines which appear to drop out of nowhere, for fans of the sub-pop/barsuk/pinback sound. If you like well crafted American indie rock as much as I do... I'll be writing more about their album post data when I get back

Dominque Young Unique 
Me and My Boy Buyyourself checked this girl out when she played Old Blue Last earlier in the year, let's just say it was one of the most unimpressed UK crowds I've ever seen. Domique embodies Lil Kim's filthy mouth, Yo Majesty's indie crossover appeal and the spitting skills of Nikki Minaj  over some of the smoothest synth lines and beats you've heard this year, she started accidentally at  12 and they claim she is still under 18, but boy this girl has talent and it's only amount of time before everyone is talking about her.  PAAAAAAARTY! 

Kitten the Band are a female fronted band with huge chorus admist fractured intimacy, over in the UK with Twin Shadow at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen before some of their own dates and their EP is available for free until November 1st. Keeping my eye on these guys

Fences' Resume is pretty special, striking up a friendship with Sara Quin (of Tegan & Sara) leading to her producing his debut album "Fences" a plesantly morose record hidden under the guise of a near straight up pop record coming across as a metaphorical collaboration between the aforementioned and perfume genius. But ultimately woeful tales told the way they should be, through the beauty of a tuneful knowing smile.

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