Monday, 12 March 2012

Lost in The Trees- A Church That Fits Our Needs

I first discovered Lost in The Tree's Anti- Debut in the last few months of 2010, a dark little masterpiece dallied with tragedy in a base emotional gut wrenching way... Lost in the trees not only excelled with the beautiful multi-instrumental orchestra melodies but with Ari Picker's band defining knack of storytelling, virtually unchallenged by contemporaries, to create surreal and multi-meaning tales within the grandose. I was most grateful to see them at SXSW last March and the live show more than lived up to expectations. It's been a long wait but after an abandoned visit (subject to the postponement of Magnum's ATP) Lost in the Trees play the lexington tonight and yesterday NPR presented "A Church That Fits Our Needs", the forthcoming new album...
A Church is sadly based around the death of Picker's mother and therefore is undoubtably a very personal but beautiful reflection of her life. Lost in the trees have created a heartbreaking masterpiece which while suceeds for untrained ears being merely lovely, will force any listen to stop where they are doing and completley drench themselves in one of the year's most powerful releases.

Listen now on NPR:

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