Sunday, 27 June 2010


I am personally going through a rediscovery of mad love for indie pop and particularly the polyvinyl label who seem to just ooze talented bands they never recieve the credibility and mass appeal they so deserve. I discovered ALOHA several years ago in one of my not-ill-advised sixth form (12th/13th grade) amazon spending sprees (I'd find a label and buy like ten albums from that label, unaware of what most of the bands sounded like) one of them was "Here Comes Everyone" and then the following album "Some Echoes" Aloha are capable of pulsating indie pop and energetic ambience.

"Some Echoes" contains no one track that sounds alike, opener "Brace Your Face" floats in a Film School/Notwist/Early Modest Mouse plod before erupting into a noise off, while "Your Eyes" features marimbas, synths and percussion now served by the likes of Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear and other bigger known heroes. Their most recent "Home Acres" (2010) is new on Polyvinyl and still leaves Aloha a sadly undiscovered gem of a band.

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