Wednesday, 17 November 2010

FTC Discovery Nov # 4: White Fence

White Fence

White Fence is the side project for Darker My Love man Tim Presley, and if his involvement on DML's excellent album wasn't enough for one year, and an involvement in the also excellent Strange Boys Be Brave album, White Fence released his lo-fi pop self titled debut earlier this year.

The album harks back to the proto-innocence of artists like the byrds or the hollies, taking a road trip with a performance artist tribute to Syd Barrett. It's a sonically structured affair, often sounding like it's going to cave in on itself but using this potential destruction as a abrupt hook or audio reboot.
It's very much of now, a generation of musicians who wished they were lost in the misrepresented sixties summers seeking to find some of the open minded solace in our industrial time. A hell of a debut from a industrious and always excellent (thus far) mind

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