Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Girls- Broken Dreams Club

So it's all slowing down in the world of new music, people compiling lists for the end of year polls and looking at bands to put on the all important who's going to be hot shit next year, so let's look a few returns to the world of music...

Girls- Broken Dreams Club 

Girls return with their (is it an EP, is it a 2nd album) Broken Dreams Club which in two words can be described as truly magnificent, the glass eyed wonders return with something that truly opens up their sound to a unbelievable new possi. Opening track "Thee Oh So Protective One" soars with it's brass backing and although cliched this EP takes them from the confided and afraid teenagers of their debut to a lot more self satisfied and less self hating future... as one of the lyrics lullabys "I'm not so young anymore..."  While that may be true, Girls always seemmed like a band with more life experience than their youthful years suggested especially amongst their stories (or lack of) involvement in religious cults. Broken Dreams Club suggests so much more in its seven track thirty minute experience that suggests Girls sound has plenty of maturing and analyzing of itself beyond the fuzz pop confines of it's debut, a "snapshot of the horizon" you say? Can't wait until we get there! It's going be one exciting journey!  10/10

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