Thursday, 2 December 2010

FTC48: Magic Kids- Memphis

48) Magic Kids- Memphis (True Panther Sounds)

In 2010, seemingly everyone was in a way in awe of California,The Summer and The Beach Boys, with the genre chill-wave dead how about we raise the genre of "recorded in a bathroom by a group of people who loved the sixties and have heard pet sounds..."

Magic Kids were more in awe of Tennesse and the title of their debut album title confirmed this, but given the youthful age and energy of Magic Kids, the album was less filled with knock-offs and instead filled with songs in complete adoration of artists that have come before them, Hence Memphis is at 48 as Magic Kids totally seemed to wear the influences in the title, on the sleeve and in every beat of their songs with a warm fruitful production featuring an array of brass and strings of vocal harmonies which would have been plucked from my youth, if I was born in fifties america and were a member of the Brady Bunch. If "Hey Boy" gave any indication of gritty (it didnt), every song of the album was plucked from innocent days, not ones fuelled by sex but by holding hands and stolen kisses and no other album contained as much of the false memory as Memphis and who can be so against such naive aspirations in a world of self despair.

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