Thursday, 2 December 2010


Everyone has a favourite album of the year list... I always look forward to reading other peoples/publications/record shops for whatever reason... personal ones are the best whether your a person who listens to albums for lyrics, instruments, atmospherics or whatever, we all have a different reason for why music is/was a massive part of our lives.

I dont write for a publication, I write this haphazard blog because I have a great time listening to bands I've never heard of/reading blogs/taking recommendations and searching out for new music so that I can go to the small shows and try and make a connection with these sounds early on, for self-righteous reasons obviously. I like books and films and television shows, but I was brought up to buy Tapes and records and CDs and still do and Mp3's too, I have a big record collection and I hope in twenty years time it will be still be important to me. As I dont write for a publication no-one really gives a fuck why this album is my favourite, so fuck critical, I like these 50 records because personally they effected me, I wanted to buy them or I went to see the live show or I bought the t-shirt or I sung along or for one reason or another I CARE about this record.... and I care about most of these records. I don't wanna be BFF's with Surfer Blood or become the umpteenth member of Broken Social Scene but both of these albums were a part of 2010 and as I don't keep a diary that by looking back on these 50 albums I will recall something about 2010 that was special.

This is all a bit Peyton Sawyer, but being passionate sometimes means showing passion and declaring spirit, so these are the 50 records I loved in 2010 and why....

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