Saturday, 1 January 2011


Netherfriends are seriously my new favourite band... I've had Barry & Sherry on repeat for weeks now and it's a sublime adventure, the simple fuzz pop of opener "Bret Easton Ellis Novel" with it's shout along one liners before giving way to the intricate audio delights of the world music influenced "I'm Gonna Start" and "Live to a Hundred" or the acoustic clap along campfire fun   of "More Than Friends" make me angry I didn't discover on it's release in June, "BARRY & SHERRY" is one of the most accessible albums, probably appealing to anyone who got too hung up on Animal Collective's last album or Yeasayer or Vampire Weekend.

At times angry, focused and fiercly opinionated, Netherfriends deserve attention, I hope they tour the UK in 2011, or America on my visit..for the single purpose to scream along to this my late discovered top 10 album of 2010 if I'd discovered it in time!

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