Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Go Team!- Rolling Blackouts (Memphis Industries)

The Go Team!- Rolling Blackouts (Memphis Industries)

It's Hard to believe that it's been over three years since Sophomore album Proof of Youth was released, comforting though for The Go Team! is that no-one has successfully attempted to recreate the band's definitive original combination of cut and paste style influences... Their Debut arguably redefined dance music for indie kids with it's large spaghetti western interludes, massive cheerleading choruses and it's apoclypatic guitar hooks, and that's not even mentioning the confrontation menace that was MC Ninja.

Rolling Blackouts opens with a huge mission statement as TORNADOS opens with that patterned scuzzy guitar sound and Ninja on a bigger mission than Katy B...and then what follows is the most ashamedly upfront, energetic and relentlessly upbeat album this winter could ever produce. Second Track Secetary Song guest stars Satomi Mastsuzaki (Deerhoof) and plays it even more kitsch cutesy than her dayjob. While Woman of the moment Bethany Constentino (Best Coast) excels in the hi-fi version of the Best Coast Universe and Dominque Young Unique challenges Ninja in the stakes of the albums MC on "Voice Yr Choice."

Their Third Album once again mixes all the usual factors, recalling skipping ropes, handclapping routines and the long hot summers of blaxplotation America in the 70s, all massively juxatposed in what sounds like The Go Team! musically biggest record yet. A Band who defined their own sound in 2004, do not need to reinvent the wheel, and Rolling Blackouts doesn't but it certainly pimps it's own ride, adding some lyrical cohesion over  their past releases. So if this year your looking for a positive dance record which is all about good times, then this is the record for you, it's twee but rocks and its assured to make even the most gloomy individual tap a toe. Long Live The Go Team! 8/10

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