Sunday, 29 May 2011

New Releases- Monday 30th May 2011

Weekly expose into this weeks New Releases, we try and not be genre or gender bias, but I like women and I hate country... so expect more women singers and less western.


This week we start with a personal favourite Death Cab For Cutie's 7th full length album Codes and Keys, a band exposed to massive audience to some degree through a ill-advised teenage love triangle on (god that seems like a lifetime ago) teen drama The O.C. as Seth Cohen argued internally about whether he was destined to be with Hannah or Autumn... Let's say that Ben Gibbard and Co. were the only winners in that situation, and two albums down the line, Codes and Keys is the bands best record since Transatlanticism, as it seems to bid farwell to the major label nerves and reverts back to some of the experimentation of the first three albums. It's certainly the most daring album they have made, hich will certainly interest a few of those who have dismissed them previously but also a few who were shined on in the post-newport era. Highlights include the title track "Codes and Keys" "Doors Unlocked and Open" and the single "You Are A Tourist." Codes and Keys is a rich and warm emotion album which continues to highlight why Death Cab For Cutie made that crucial leap from Barsuk underground indie darlings to concert hall filling stars as it maintains the intimacy of the former and the impact of the latter. Most importantly very few bands this size have the heart and balls to attempt to re-write their own rules the 7th time around. 9/10 

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