Thursday, 27 October 2011

Loch Lomond- Little Me Will Start A Storm

Oh the Irony! An American Band with a scottish name release an album on a scottish label. Mocking. Over.

Because Loch Lomond's SIXTH album "Little Me Will Start A Storm" is a startling statement of folk instrumentation dressed up in a pretty soaring package but much like a rotting onion, unpeel it's layers to discover something dark, unsettling and tear inducing. Although lazly compared to touring mates The Decemberists or Blitzen Trapper, their true soulmates are probably lost in the trees, like the North Carolina Troop, Loch Lomond are subtle and daring guaranteed to stop you dead in spite of whatever you are doing. Essentially a pop record which pulls no punches, "little me..." encompasses a range of perspective, point of view and a raw edge which proves that there is a lot more within the portland scene to be discovered...

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