Thursday, 27 October 2011

Youth Lagoon- The Year of Hibernation

This one's been doing the rounds for a ages now... but Boise, Idaho's Trevor Power's pained and personal semi-ego Youth Lagoon is one of the autumn's most pleasant suprises...
The Year of Hibernation is about life and not in a grand existential way but in a general every day way, its about how the past makes the present, about how the present shapes us, it's mostly about a boy going to school, falling in love, falling out of love, most importantly the things people struggle to talk about, the things that haunt you in the middle of the night, the things that stop you from jumping out of bed first thing in the morning. It's the sort of record that you can only make when you havent been smashed by the dreams and realities of being a touring musician.
Like the best pop music, Youth Lagoon creates a dreamy etherreal cheerfulness on the surface with a haunting reality shining through the lyrics.
The Year of Hibernation is one for the end of the year lists... it certainly will be on mine.

Here is Montana with it's striking video:

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