Thursday, 15 December 2011

Year in Review: February 2011

Day Two and we move on to the shortest month February, you'll notice there's no PJ Harvey on here, the winner of this year's Mercury Music Prize, its crazy i know!
Once again, for spotify users, most of these albums are on this playlist, plus other greats from the month of the groundhog.

1. Tim hecker- Ravedeath 1972

In a month of diversity, Tim Hecker's Ravedeath 1972 is the stand-out, beautiful and ornate, designed to be much more than an ambient album but a refreshing soundtrack to the most brutal and sad mundane small town movie. It's truly an adventure through a forgotten wasteland. Like Winter's Bone but without the heroine. No Video's I'm afraid but... give this a listen.

2. Lia Ices- Grown Unknown

Underrated gem of a record, sadly missed off critics end of years...

3. Bright Eyes- peoples key

Refreshing return for Oberst and Mogis' ever changing posse.

4. Peaking Lights- 936

Another Excellent release from Not Not Fun/Weird World

5. Gruff rhys- hotel shampoo

It's Gruff Rhys! Need I Say More!

6. Mogwai- hardcore will never die but you will

It's Mogwai! Need I Say More!

7. Trail of The Dead- Tao of The Dead

See Above.... It's Trail of The Dead

8. Ringo Deathstarr- Colour Trip/Sparkler

Austin's Finest, bringing back psychedelia in the right way. Bliss

9. The Babies- S/T

Member of Woods, Member of Vivian Girls, Simple Bratty Punk Rock better than both of the full time bands releases this year. Live from my favourite new york venue!

10. Yuck- Yuck

Pavement/Guided By Voices/Superchunk alt-rock rip-off, but they do it pretty well.

11. Telekinesis!- 12 Desperate Straight Lines

Great Indie Rock band on Merge (The Daddy of record labels) from Seattle.

12. The Luyas- Too Beautiful To Work

Toured With Blonde Redhead and on the equally legendary Dead Oceans

13. Papercuts- Fading Parade

Another excellent record from the still sadly unknown sub pop band,

14. Slug Guts- Howlin’Gang

Epic Australian Punk Rock who gnawed a massive hole in my skull at SXSW. for Fans of Birthday Party, Eighties Matchbox etc

15. Ghost Society- The Back of His Hands, Then The Palms

Lush Danish dream pop.

16. Dustin O Holloran- Lumiere

Another Epic Piano Genius.

17. Axxonn- let's get it straight

18. Harry’s Gym- What Was Ours…
In The Absence of Azure Ray...

19. Devotchka- 100 Lovers

Another Incredible album from the highly Talented Devotchka

20. The Rural Alberta Advantage-Departing

Canada + Saddle Creek = Super Awesome Good Time Yeah!

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