Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Year in Review: July 2011

July was a slow month this year but still some hidden gems in amongst the shelves

Spotify Playlist to be added....

July 2011
1) Part Time- What Would You Say?
2) Chad Vangaalen- Diaper Island
3) Gardens & Villa- Gardens & Villa
4) Fair Ohs- Everything is Dancing
5) Unknown Mortal Orchestra- Unknown Mortal Orchestra
6) Copy Haho- Copy Haho
7) Washed Out- Within & Without
8) The Horrors- Skying
9) La Big Vic- Actually
10) Pictureplane- Thee Physical
11) Memory Tapes- Player Piano
12) William Elliot Whitmore- Field Songs
13) Little Dragon- Ritual Union
14) Crystal Antlers- Two Way Mirror
15) Night Beats- Night Beats
16) She Keeps Bees- Dig On
17) Zomby- Dedication
18) Dave Depper- The Ram Project
19) Gold Bears- Are You Falling in Love?
20) Fire With Jim O Rourke- Unreleased?

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