Friday, 9 July 2010

Chris Shiftlett & The Dead Peasants- S/T (RCA)

Chris Shiftlett & The Dead Peasants- S/T (RCA)

Besides from being the lead guitarist in the Foo Fighters, Chris Shiflett has a rich history of bands including No Use For A Name, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes and Jackson United.

So his debut solo album comes as a disappointment, while as the Dead Peasants is a pleasant experience, country tinged rock with some touching lyrics "We love a grief we can rally behind" creating a perfect soundtrack a triumphant, romantic or tragic moment in M.O.R. US Drama Series

All the emotions are set up nicely and its performed with significant gutso but nothing about the album really rings true and while certain exchanges seem geninue, its never particularly eye wateringly heartfelt, despite it's best intentions to be more than a rocked up record for fans who wished the foo fighters were more suitable for country stations and given the hooked up bridges and the hand in the air attempt you'd expect it to deliver that in spades. Not that this album does not have appeal, pass the FF association, DP has songs to entertain middle america and fans of the genre, but it certainly misses several opportunities to be much much more and at only nine tracks long it's almost like Shiftlett is referring to his bandmates other work and saying "well if they're all doing it, i am too." 4/10

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