Friday, 2 July 2010

My New Discoveries 2- Tennis

Both Tennis and Magic Kids say something more about me then I'm willing to let on, but like Magic Kids, Tennis hark back to a more innocent sound and go a way to bridging a gap between Sixties girl groups and She & Him (let's forget the Pipettes or Wilson Phillips ever existed) This two piece from Denver Colorado, combine one-two dream beats and a vocal track seemingly picked from a dusty 78, but it really works... They are a married couple who worked hard and saved a lot of money and bought a sailboat and sailed for eight months and thus Tennis was born. You wont regret this walk down memory lane with Tennis who's haunting summer memories score the perfect soundtrack to sixteen year old self ungracefully falling in love for the first time/fumbling to undo bras and pants, of course this is if you are now nearly 60 and lived in 1960's America.
A True Delight to any cynical ears desperate to live a romantic life again (but that's me entirely)
Check them out:

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