Friday, 2 July 2010

My New Discoveries 1- Magic Kids

Magic Kids
Memphis, TN Magic Kids bring doo woop lo-fi back to the masses with their new 7" single Hey Boy released this week! Imagine a ASDA version of The Beach Boys trying the best to imagine California in the sixties but come on would you still pay any money what so ever to see that third rate muppet Brian Wilson continue to shit and piss on his own legacy. No, didn't think so...
Magic Kids bring a 2010 revival of the sights, sounds, harmonies and melodies that the Beach Boys did back then before gravity played it's inevitable part. They capture the twee, teenage innocent sound with extraordinary ease "Hey Boy" opens with a doo-woop chorus before launching into a great harmony, backed by a synced female choir. Magic Kids seldomly hinted at some summer sadness with their twinkling piano and string section but touches upon the American dream a la Grease and The Seekers before Civil Rights and Vietnam and the whole post wax/flower power dream and oh wife killing!
The debut album is due to be released on Matador on August 24, until then

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