Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My New Discoveries 7- Miniature Tigers

Miniature Tigers

Two Things- Thanks for Bicycle Voice Last Fm profile for this one, when anyone has listened to a band 2,460 times, it's always worth a listen (unless it's the crazy paramore fan on last.fm who claims over a million plays!) and secondly, I realized that I've never really had to spell miniature before and therefore don't really know how to...

Anyway Miniature Tigers are a four piece from Arizona and have had already had loads of attention from Spin, MTV2 and have toured with the likes of Ben Folds, Morning Benders and Spinto Band and are suiting to the summer mixtape I'm unintentionally compiling. Their new album Fortress is due out later this month on Modern Art and their infectious melodies and pitch perfect harmonies are enough to slay any cold hearts in the summer of 2010. Their lyrics are clever wordplays often linking together deeply personal and popular culture which makes this band something to keep your ears wide open for.

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  1. ah!!!! so glad you found them! my boyfriend is the drummer! he does a solo project called ALVIN BAND that you also need to check out